"Experience the Difference"

Mission Statement

The Bank's mission is to serve the real estate, business and financial needs of customers in underserved urban communities with a commitment to excellent service, profitability and sustained growth. It also has a broader commitment to employ, train and mentor community residents, to contract for services with community businesses, and to encourage its management and staff to serve as volunteers in civic, community and religious organizations.


Equality of Service

Everyone, regardless of race or income level, will receive the same excellent service from Bank employees at any of the Bank's branches or when dealing with any of the Bank's departments.

Excellence in Service

Every bank employee will strive for excellence in service to customers, fellow employees, and the community. Excellence in service shall mean courteous assistance, prompt, effective and efficient handling of transactions and requests, and thorough product knowledge.

Community Service

The Bank and its employees will be outstanding corporate citizens, by giving back to the communities we serve, with our time, expertise and financial resources.

CRA Rating

Broadway's CRA Information can be reviewed at any of our offices.