Kellogg Chan has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Bank, f.s.b from 1994 to 1995 and President and Chief Executive Officer of East-West Bank from 1976 to 1992. Mr. Chan has extensive experience in the thrift industry covering a wide variety of economic and interest rate cycles. He has served in executive management positions in thrift institutions and has experienced a diversity of corporate cultures. His extensive executive management experience includes, but is not limited to, strategic planning and its implementation and the development, implementation and evaluation of internal control structures, particularly in the thrift industry.

Javier León is the Managing Director of Andell Sports Group, which oversees the sports and related assets of Andell Holdings and has served in that capacity since 2008. Mr. Leon oversees the business and operations of the Chicago Fire, a professional soccer team, on behalf of its owner. He is involved in strategic planning and marketing, as well as the development of Hispanic community and public relations strategies and programs. Prior to joining Andell, Mr. Leon served as the Chief Executive Officer for Chivas USA Enterprises in Los Angeles from 2004 to 2007. Mr. León was a managing director in investment banking for Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and ING-Barings from 1992 to 2004. He received a bachelors degree from Claremont McKenna College and a Masters of International Management from the University of California at San Diego. Mr. Leon has extensive experience in managing, planning and operating businesses. He has expertise in developing, reviewing and maintaining systems of internal controls and in financial reporting and analysis. He has prior experience in the capital markets. Mr. Leon's experience in the areas of strategic planning and marketing, including marketing to Hispanic communities, makes him an excellent candidate for the Board.

Daniel A. Medina joined Needham Company, LLC, a New York based investment bank as Analyst in October 2009. Prior to joining Needham & Company, LLC, Mr. Medina was Managing Director of Capital Knowledge, LLC, a consulting firm that provided financial advisory services. He had been with Capital Knowledge, LLC and its predecessor since April 1, 2000. Mr. Medina has extensive experience in analyzing and valuing financial institutions and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. He has extensive knowledge of the capital markets along with mergers and acquisitions, specifically within the financial services industry.

Paul C. Hudson joined the Bank in 1981, was elected to the Board in 1985, and served in various positions prior to becoming Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 2007. Mr. Hudson is a member of Bar Associations. He currently serves on several nonprofit boards, including the board of the California Housing Finance Agency. Mr. Hudson brings to his position almost thirty years of executive management experience with the Company and over 25 years as its leader. He is responsible for developing the Company from a relatively small mutual thrift institution into one of the largest African American thrift institutions in the United States. He has an extensive knowledge of the history of the Company and the markets in which it operates. He is well versed in the regulatory and other issues facing the Company and the banking industry.

Robert C. Davidson, Jr. retired in 2007 from his position as Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Surface Protection Industries, a company he formed in 1978 and one of the largest African American owned manufacturing companies in California. He is a member of the Boards of Directors of Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., Morehouse College, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Art Center College of Design located in Pasadena, California and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Advisory Council. Mr. Davidson has extensive entrepreneurial experience in developing and managing small and medium size businesses. He has hands-on experience in marketing and sales, human resources and strategic planning and implementation. He has a long history with an extensive knowledge of the Company and of the markets and communities in which the Company operates.

A. Odell Maddox is Manager of Maddox Co., a real estate property management and sales company, and has served in that capacity since 1986. Mr. Maddox has worked in property management, real estate brokerage and investment businesses for over 35 years. Mr. Maddox has extensive experience in real estate in Los Angeles, as well as significant experience in real estate lending and loan workouts. He has extensive entrepreneurial experience developing and managing small and medium-sized businesses. Mr. Maddox has a long history with and knowledge of the Company and the communities and markets in which the Company operates.

Virgil Roberts has been Managing Partner of Bobbitt & Roberts, a law firm representing clients in the entertainment industry, since 1996. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the James Irvine Foundation, Community Build, Inc., Claremont Graduate School, Families in Schools, the Alliance for College Ready Public Schools, Southern California Public Radio, the Alliance of Artists and Record Companies, and the Bridgespan Group, a management and consulting firm for large philanthropy companies with offices in Boston, San Francisco and New York. Mr. Roberts' qualifications to serve on the Board include his extensive legal and business experience and community leadership. Mr. Roberts serves on a number of local community boards and provides leadership to local community groups. Mr. Roberts serves as the Lead Director and chair of the Company's Nominating Committee. Mr. Roberts brings leadership, management and regulatory experience to the Board.

Nominating Committee Charter

The Board of Directors of Broadway Financial Corporation has elected a committee of the Directors to act on their behalf as the Nominating Committee. The Committee has been delegated certain powers by the Board as defined herein. Read the Charter.