Kids Corner

Dollar the Dragon

Hi Kids! I'm Dollar the
Dragon. Want to have
some fun?

Our "Dollars $ense for Kids" website educates Grade School Kids about banks and everyone will just fall in love with our animated mascot — "Dollar the Dragon". See for yourself!!

Just visit my website where there's games and activities. I'll tell you how money was invented, and you can also learn all about checks, savings accounts and ATM machines.

Oh yes, and one more thing. If you want to SAVE some money for a special occasion, ask your parents to open your own Savings Account.

Note to Parents: Be sure to read our Privacy Statement when you visit our "Dollars and $ense for Kids" website. We do not request or collect any personal information.

Power Savers

Power Savers Broadway Federal Bank

The program is designed to help young people learn the
importance of saving while having fun.

Your child can be a Broadway Federal Bank "Power Saver!"

See our list of rules and features.


Money Matters for Students

Money Matters Students

Getting MORE serious about your education and personal finances? Be sure to visit our Money Matters for Students website. You'll find out how to make money and manage it wisely. There's also dozens of personal financial calculators, information about higher education, the job market, and how to put together a great resume. Good luck!!

Important Notice: Be sure to read our Privacy Statement when you visit our "Money Matters for Students" website.